In the modern culture and with the advancement in tech, phones have become indispensable items that we carry wherever we go. To places of worship, boardrooms, schools, courtrooms, etc. – well, you get the picture. 

Sadly, the prevalence of smartphones has given rise to cyberstalking, catfishing, hacking, cyberbullying, etc. The burden is on you to become vigilant because awareness is the ideal way to combat online threats.

Location Tracker App

That means keeping a constant watch on what matters to you. For this guide, it’s your children’s well-being. But, the query remains, is it okay to track your kid’s phone without them knowing? Find out here:

Part 1: How to Track My Kid’s Without Their Knowledge in 2021?

With a GPS cell phone tracker, you can monitor your children effortlessly, even without coding experience. Such apps give you the clues required to determine whether there’s a need to get concerned as you know their whereabouts 24/7.

However, most parent’s biggest worry is whether they’ll get caught sneaking a peek at their child’s cell phones. Even when you do it for the right purpose, kids, especially teenagers, won’t see it in the same way. 

It could end up ruining your relationship, and you wouldn’t want that. We recommend you find phone tracking software that’s 100% discreet, straightforward, and allow you to monitor kids’ phones remotely. 

Here’s the world’s best phone surveillance software:

Neatspy – A Top-Rated Phone Tracking Solution

Neatspy is among phone tracking programs with an excellent reputation in the industry. It’s used in over 190 nations with millions of people from different cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicity.

Even the world’s famous media channels like Tech Advisor, Mac World, New York Magazine, etc., post articles about Neatspy many times. The app can help you determine your child’s phone location in real-time and see their location history. 

The coolest thing about the Neatspy software is its dedication to data security. It highly values its client’s privacy by not allowing anyone access to their information. All the obtained data is also not stored on the app’s servers. 

Read more here about what’s Neatspy, what it’s capable of, and get to find out whether it has other close competitors. 

Part 2: How to Track Children’s Smartphones Discreetly?

One of the reasons many people pick Neatspy is because it can monitor phone activities on both Android and iOS operating systems. The app is easy-to-use since it doesn’t ask you to root an Android device or jailbreak an iOS gadget.

When it comes to monitoring an Android smartphone or tablet, Neatspy required you to access your kid’s device once. That should let you download and install the 2MB app and hide the app icon to avoid detection. The software runs silently in the background.

As for iPhones and iPads, the iOS version of Neatspy is entirely online-based and doesn’t need you ever to touch your child’s device. It uses the inbuilt iCloud backup feature in all iOS gadgets to retrieve data remotely. You only need the kid’s iCloud ID to use the services.

The best part about both platforms is that you won’t have to be near the phone to monitor it once everything has synced. Neatspy’s online dashboard will give you automatic updates that you can access from any corner of the world. 

Its user interface is intuitive, neat, and organized. All of Neatspy’s phone monitoring features are present on the left side menu of your dashboard. Look for the location tab and click on it to instantly start tracking your son’s or daughter’s mobile device. 

Tracking someone’s cell phone with Neatspy isn’t a daunting task. It helps to be on top of things by providing real-time information. You can determine where they’re at this moment, an hour ago, a day, or even weeks ago. 

Neatspy gives you the kid’s phone exact GPS coordinates and provides timestamps for each location visited. Besides, you can use the geofence feature to set a geographical perimeter so that you can get alerted each time they’re out of the given boundaries.   

Part 3: What Else Can Neatspy Monitor do on My Kid’s Device? 

Apart from location details, Neatspy has 30+ phone monitoring features that can help to know what the kid is up to round-the-clock. The following are other things you can accomplish with the solution:

Monitor Social Media Usage: 

You get the opportunity to know how your children spend their time on social networks and why they’re addicted. Neatspy allows you to access their data on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. 

Go Through Call Logs: 

If you want to know who’s the person who keeps calling your child every time, this is the right feature. It gives you a list of frequently contacted names and provides timestamps and duration for each phone call.

Examine Web Browser History: 

Neatspy allows you to see what websites your kid visits on their smartphone. You can use the feature to discover whether they have access to inappropriate content and act accordingly to protect them. 

Read Text Messages: 

With the help of the app, you can spy on the text messages so you can find out what your child shares with friends. Even if they deleted some SMSs, Neatspy could help retrieve them all. 

Part 4: Why is Neatspy World’s Leading Phone Tracker

Here’re reasons why Neatspy is the best phone tracking software in the market:

  • Neatspy offers web-based services that you can access from your smartphone or computer with any web browser. 
  • The web service doesn’t ask you to install any app on your end at all.
  • It uses cutting-edge innovations to operate in stealth mode and keep you hidden at all times.  
  • You won’t need technical training or skills to use the Neatspy software because it works without rooting or jailbreak your kid’s device.
  • It’s super quick and effortless to get started with Neatspy. You only need an online account, and you pay for an affordable subscription plan. 


By now, you should have known whether it’s okay to track your kid’s phone without informing them. We recommend you conduct your monitoring activities in the most discreet way possible with the Neatspy solution.