Apex Legends is a multiplayer online battle game. It launched on February 4, 2019. Apex Legends has reached season four within a short period. Compared to other games, Apex Legends is a little bit difficult to play. 

So, today we are going to start with some of my favorite features of the game and later on we will talk about some bad features as well. We will finish it up with how it stacks up with other games in the same genre or games that are

competing for the same player base.

What did I like most in Apex Legends?

This article is for players who are involved with other games and are looking to see if they’re interested in apex or those who have just started playing apex and are worried that the game isn’t going to last much longer or that it’s not worth investing their time.

lLet’s get into these, so the first thing that I think really sets this game aside from others in the same class is the time to kill. In many other games like PUBG or Call of Duty warzone, it is almost instantaneous that you die after getting shot with a sniper rifle and it’s a one-shot you’re dead.

But I believe apex Legends has the longest time to kill which means that the game really revolves around your ability to maneuver and to use your guns. Now we’re going to talk about movement. I’ve never played a game that has allowed you to consistently hit your shots as apex legends.

Because of that reason, it’s so important for the game to have good weapon mechanics and quite honestly the weapon mechanics in apex legends are phenomenal. Every gun feels so different

than the other guns in the game. 

Even those within its own bullet class are really good that I don’t think any other game that’s out right now or in the future will be able to surpass the incredible feeling of using the weapons

in apex. They’re so satisfying to use guns like the wingman or the Sentinel or the r99 just feel so good to use.

I think that’s really where the comparison ends with all of the other battle royales

Games. The ability to wall climb and wall jump is so crucial in becoming the master in apex legends. 

When it comes to the apex which might be kind of scary and daunting at first but it’s a really fun thing to experiment with. I love running around the map and jumping off things while jumping to see if I can get on top of certain objects while running across the lava craters. 

It adds such a fantastic layer to the gameplay that no other game that’s out right now can do. I know a lot of people say that the Titan Falls movement is better as a modern multiplayer game. 

I think apex legends has by far the best movement. Whatever game you’re playing right now, play apex legends just for the movement. If you face geo-blocking, high latency, data throttling, or even DDoS attacks, we recommend using a VPN service for Apex Legends. Read it more on: https://vpnpro.com/best-vpn-services/vpn-for-apex-legends/

Is Apex Legends Difficult to play?

If you ask me this question, I will definitely say, yes. Getting a higher level on Apex Legends is not so easy. 

How to Become Pro in Apex Legends?

If you want to improve your Apex Legends gaming skill then, you should play with a pro-level gamer or you can take help from Apex Coaching center. There are lots of Apex Legends coaching centers out there. You can choose one of them by looking after their portfolio. 

How Does Apex Coaching Works?

Apex coaching is similar to other sports coaching. There are experienced and pro-level gamers waiting to teach and play with you. You will learn the game sense, mechanics, and different secret skills. 

Which Apex Coaching is Best for Beginners?

 Yes, there are lots of apex teaching institutes, but everyone is not flexible. So, I think Legion Farm is one of the best apex coaching centers. They have all types of teachers both beginner and pro-level friendly.

So, if you are not a player of Apex Legends, start from today and it’s free to play.