With the rising prices of everything, it is becoming extremely difficult to afford a large, luxurious building. It doesn’t look like we would get some respite from the skyrocketing prices. Nevertheless, we crave novelty. We cannot live in the traditional mundane houses. So, people have started to look for building alternatives that would satisfy their want for something new and save the cost simultaneously. Thankfully, we have ample ideas that are affordable and amazing at the same time. Let’s see some of them: 

  • Earth Houses
  • Nothing can be more eco-friendly than earth houses. They are made up of the earth itself and demonstrate the best example of sustainable construction. The best thing about them is some of the earth houses built years ago are still standing strong! The building materials consist of rammed earth, cob, and Earthbag buildings. The first two contain a mix of various types of clay.

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  • Wood House
  • Another popular building material is wood. It is rare, but versatile. Wood houses are sustainable. Also, they are quite affordable. But we also need to keep in mind that we get wood from deforestation, which is harmful to nature. Hence, while investing in a woodhouse, use materials like timber or log derived from sustainably grown trees or sustainable building methods. 

  • Straw Houses
  • These are another affordable and alternative building option that is becoming increasingly popular. Straw benefits you in different ways, it’s a great insulator and an affordable product too. Most importantly, straw construction is an environmentally friendly building procedure. Also, it doesn’t affect nature in any way because it’s a by-product of farming. Hence, building straw houses is the best way of utilising the product which would otherwise be a waste. 

  • Bamboo Houses
  • Another eco-friendly alternative to buildings is bamboo Houses. It’s strong and durable. It is even known to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes. Bamboo houses are already popular housing or building material in hilly areas. This is a great option for people looking for budget-friendly alternatives. Also, bamboo houses are cosy. On your holidays, you can also get a laptop on rent and chill in your bamboo house and have some great time.

  • Stone Houses
  • Stone houses have a unique appeal. They are strong and Aesthetic. Also, they are eco-friendly. Their natural beauty is enough to enhance the interior decor and they don’t need to be painted additionally. Stone houses can be built using locally available materials. Built with passive house design, they can preserve temperature within the walls, keeping the house warm in a cold climate. To add to the beauty of the house, you can buy some of the home appliances or furniture on rent. Why buy when you can rent and save money

  • Shipping-crate Homes
  • The ship-crate houses that are emerging to be a trendy idea for living. The best part is, they are affordable than the conventional houses and they reflect upon an industrial, contemporary look because of their finished structure. These houses are small in size and eco-friendly. You can even install rainwater harvesting systems, solar panels, and green insulation in these houses. 
    To make these houses look beautiful and compact, you buy various elements like chairs, furniture, and sofa on rent. So we have listed the most important alternatives which would provide you with great benefits. These options are environment friendly and affordable. Not only that, but they also have their unique appeal and every material is beautiful and stunning if used properly. So think about it and get ready to build a new house for yourself!