Apples Series 7 Watch and its Exclusive New Watch Faces

Apple flipped the traditional smartwatch design on its head in their latest Series 7 watch. It is their largest and brightest watch screen yet, with almost no black frame between the picture display and the edge of the screen’s glass. This black border/frame/gap you saw in Apple’s Series 3 and 6 was reduced by 40% in size.

The style of screen on the Apple Series 7 means many advantages for its wearers like making it easier to use, more efficient, and making typing/messaging a lot faster. Apple also managed to make this part of the watch a bit thinner by integrating the touch sensor with the OLED panel. 

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The Series 7 boasts a variety of both great watches and useful health tracking features, and it makes for a sturdy fitness watch. Apple reached for further innovation when it comes to features by creating new faces for the release of each new iOS. Apple is now on their watchOS 8 which gives those who wear a Series 7 a huge library of: 

  • classic options like The Chronograph, The Activity Analog, or The Chronograph Pro;
  • the gorgeous and stylish faces like the Gradient, Kaleidoscope, Fire, and Water, or Stripes;
  • kid-friendly faces like Toy Story, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Memoji;
  • or physically-motivating watch faces like Apple’s Infograph Modular, Explorer, and Activity Digital.

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The face you choose is likely dependent upon what ‘complication’ you would like to display at all times. Complications include several feature displays like heart rate, alarm times, contacts, weather, or workouts, for example. Two new watch faces are exclusive to Apple’s latest Series 7, each with incredibly long lists of complications you can display.

Watch Faces Exclusive to the Series 7


The Contour face was built for the large and full screen on Series 7. It displays as an analog clock with its numbers stretched to fit along the edges of the display as best as possible. As the minutes of your day change, you’ll notice the hours on the watch face expand to highlight the current time. 

The face’s colors are fully customizable from the hour numbers to the background. You can pick custom colors and shades, or pick from rainbow Pride gradients to fill in either numbers or background. Along with all the color options, you can also choose between a rounded or a regular contour which affects how the numbers look along the face’s edge. Choose up to two complications to display on the Contour Apple watch face.

Modular Duo

Your new Modular Duo face packs in a lot of information for your new big screen. Your time is a digital display in the top right corner, with detailed complication info for three, not including the digital time. Two of your complications will display as the largest on your screen, with the third in less detail in the top left corner. 

The Modular Duo is an in-depth version of the previous Modular for SE or 4 Series and later, giving your next workout, or your daily routines one step ahead of the game. These colors are customizable just as they are in the new Contour watch face.

Make the Most of the Series 7 Display

With such an impressive OLED panel and edge-to-edge display, Apple’s latest addition to their watch collection should have faces to match. While some of the older watch faces in Apple’s collection may begin to adapt and offer Series 7 screen options, you still make the most of the screen through the sleek and stylish contour or adventure-focused Modular Duo.

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