Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an online multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden path entertainment. The game came out in the fourth series. Counter strike 1.6 received immense love and appreciation by the gamers and they loved CS GO even more. 

With highly enhanced graphics and dynamic gameplay with a list of match modes to choose from making it the best first-person shooter. The game offered a wide range of weapons for the player to choose from along with weapon skins and customizable load-outs. In addition to that, the game has a good range of throwable and classic melee weapons. It allows the gamer to play with his squad or find competition in online matchmaking.

CSGO Prime Account

Prime status is a characteristic of the game for the ones who have purchased the game or are level 21 or above. Prime status holders receive exclusive benefits over the other players. They are matched against other prime-holders only and are eligible for exclusive items. Unique item drops, weapon cases, and access to the community operated servers make being a prime holder worth it. 

One can even keep playing and level up to 21 to attain the prime status but it doesn’t enhance the gameplay significantly, the player might get the prime match-making but one will still have to deal with the inn game troubles such as hackers, smurfers, bots, and derankers.

CSGO Smurf Account

The CS GO smurf account enables one to buy ranks in the game. Once attained the smurf account the player can buy all ranks from low to high according to his choice easily. This happens due to the dilemma players face at a time. It is as one with skills and good gameplay tactics but is unable to rank up in the game. 

So, one can fulfill his desire and rank higher than others and boost up super easily. One also buys smurf to play with the desired rank temporarily as it takes 7 days for the competitive cool down so one spends a few bucks and gets the smurfed rank account and has ranked games during the cool down too.

Benefits of Prime and Smurf account

Overall prime accounts are better than smurf accounts. The unique CS weapon skins and costumes give the gamer a good feeling and contribute to the betterment of the gaming experience. Smurf accounts are good for temporary rank gains. They don’t enhance the gameplay or contribute to the betterment of the gaming experience. It is about personal satisfaction and what one does to get to a higher rank and feel good. It is somewhat a shortcut for noobs to rank up without tough matches.


Playing with legit players in a fair competitive manner is not only fun but also sharpens the skills of the gamer. Choosing the right gaming experience is highly essential for an actual gamer and prime is highly superior to rest non-prime or smurf accounts available. Hence to make your CS GO experience top-notch one should attain prime as soon as possible.