About Alexa

Alexa is a voice assistant that is mainly enabled on the devices of artificial intelligence.It has been developed by Amazon. It is very commonly used nowadays and is on the top edge in the present scenario worldwide. It has become possible due to the brilliant minds of humans that are used for creating several devices or inventions. It works on the interaction of voice and can be used to generate the details of weather conditions, streaming projects, & traffic. This is an advanced & latest technology having extra skills of assistant through which it got transformed and can be used for anything through commands.  NFC Apps are innovative high-end technologies; that is good and effective for wireless data transfer within short-range. Past data Analysis says that the use of NFC mobile will help in the NFC App Development extraordinarily for the coming years.

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Alexa Requirement

The development company of Alexa has several clients who produce different apps & facilities which seem to be useful. The artificial intelligence and virtual reality-based voice assistant development help Alexa in understanding the intent of the user and then respond accordingly. It is mainly be used for some special purposes that have been listed below:

  1. Smart car/home: this application is based on artificial intelligence, so it can easily trace out the cars and home details that can be connected with Alexa like TV or car fuel, as well as doors, lock and room temperature.
  2. Finance: This application proves itself beneficial for the finance & banking purpose in which the Bitcoin current price can be detected. It can also be useful for updating bank details and personal banking information.
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  1. To-do lists and shopping: With Alexa, the user can also purchase anything as Alexa can provide contribution & price with voice interaction based on virtual reality.
  2. Multiple languages: It works on multiple languages and converts complex language in a simpler form. Users can enable the language skill of Alexa through which different people can use it in a different language.
  3. Automatic detection of speech: It is mainly designed for detecting the speech automatically. It means that Alexa converts the speech in natural language after recognizing and understanding the intent or skill of the customer. It provides an advantage to the user over smartphones.
  4. Games: Alexa is also helpful and available for gaming purposes. This is based on the virtual reality app development concept in which there is an option to play games such as pokemon, etc.

Alexa Skills

The industry of voice interface gets advanced at an exponential rate in every field or sector. Alexa based on Amazon Company is now known worldwide in present scenarios and performs its operations perfectly. It is growing continuously and its skills are growing from 130 to approx 1000 from the year 2019 in September month. This is a luxurious tool that can be used as a personal assistant and serves a useful purpose i.e listening to a single word and performing operations as per the user’s voice. This technology is referred to as an advanced recognition tool that acts on robust programming and also permits the interaction of the user. This tool provides a natural solution as well as improves the user experience via voice assistants. 

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It has worked exceptionally in some fields like Alexa in-home, Alexa in tourism, Alexa in studies, Alexa in hospitality as well as helped in providing a better experience to the user with more and more features of personalized data. This will also help in automating the home light, doors, & safety just in one voice. In 2019-2020, users can use voice search options more than typing search as compared to year 2017 when the users mainly used the typing search.   

Best Skills Commands of Alexa of 2020

Alexa permits numerous services that can be related to smart home booking, privacy & security and much more as per the user requirement. The command of Alexa 2020 enables the user to access various services that are user-friendly. It proves that it is fruitful & time-saving and is used as an ideal solution for the users.

Alexa fire commands for TV

Alexa has video skills that can be used to see videos and permit users to change the channels on TV, have overall control, playback, quick forwarding response by using voice assistance that is based on virtual reality. The commands will be like:

  1. Alexa play movie trailer
  2. Alexa play particular series over Amazon

Alexa to-do list or shopping list

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Alexa also allows the users to add their particular to-do-list to their respective shopping cart, as it has been seen that Amazon provides a variety of products and best deals. The commands will be like:

  1. Alexa adds a particular item to list
  2. Alexa create a new list

Alexa home/smart home

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Alexa offers effective & essential solutions for the user in real-time and provides an overall experience of home outside by using artificial intelligence technology. The commands will be like:

  1. Alexa change the light color and background
  2. Alexa change the AC mode

Alexa common knowledge

Alexa can also help in providing common information like weather conditions, information about sports, politicians, news, etc. The commands will be like:

  1. Alexa what is the temperature today
  2. Alexa sports news

Alexa Reminder

Alexa helps in reminding a particular day or task by the voice assistant. It responds whenever the user asks for a marriage date, birth date, and other daily reminders. The commands will be like:

  1. Alexa remind me friend’s birthday
  2. Alexa remind me for meeting

Alexa calls

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The most common feature of Alexa is calling. The user can connect the phone with another person by voice assistant if the number is saved in the contact list. The commands will be like:

  1. Alexa call papa
  2. Alexa text message that I am in a meeting

Wrap up

Alexa has proved itself in the various sectors as the most powerful tool. It made the interaction of users fun by understanding the natural language as it is based on virtual reality. It is used in several offices and for businesses to reduce down the workload and develop the business as it is based on artificial intelligence technology. Mtoag is a website development company in UK that provides the best solution for the user problem and an expert team is always there to serve their best. Get in touch with Mtoag.