The commercial door lock system is now viral. Most of the business buildings and personal houses use these commercial door locks. It is a kind of device that allows you to unlock a door without a physical key generally with a passcode, swipe card, or with an app.

If you are planning to install commercial door locks in your house or office building, you might have to research it first. There are various kinds of commercial door locks available in the market. So why should you choose it? In this article, I will be discussing the advantages of commercial door locks. Let’s jump into it.

Top 5 Benefits of Commercial Door Locks

Customize and control

You can easily customize and control commercial door locks. This is the advantage of commercial door locks. You can give access to whom you want to. If you don’t want to give others any access, you can do it easily. You can also control on which time you want someone to give access.

Commercial door locks are so easy to change the passcode. You can do it by yourself, and there is no need to hire a locksmith to do that. You can also set up a new user very easily. If someone loses his access card, this is not a big deal. Making a new access card is just a matter of time.

Various id

This is one of the advantages of commercial door locks. You can choose how you want to set up the identifying process of commercial door locks. It can be passcode, swipe card, fingerprint, and an app. This is the best option that you get from commercial door locks. The fingerprint sensor is the most secure way to grant user access. Setting up a fingerprint is also very easy; you just need to take the fingerprint and save them to the system.

A smartphone app is also very useful for granting access to your building. You just need to install the smartphone security app to unlock the commercial door lock system. The security system can identify a user using a smartphone app and give access to them. The main benefit of using a smartphone security app is you don’t have to carry other access cards or keys to unlock the commercial door locks.

Temporary security

Temporary security access is another advantage of the commercial door lock. There is no need to give permanent access to any users. You can set up temporary security access for your employees. You can also set a specific time to grant access to them i.e. how long you want to give access to your temporary employees.  

You can also limit the temporary user and access time very easily. With a commercial door lock system, you can set up pathways for visitors. A temporary security system is very helpful in managing a temporary worker.

Timesheet tracking

Timesheet tracking is also one of the advantages of commercial door locks. Commercial door locks can track the exact time of entry and exit of your employees. For each employee, there will be a timesheet to track the exact time of entry and exit.

You can manage the system from a specific app. From the timesheet, you can count how many days your employees are present or absent. This is totally automated and very easy to use.

Alarm system

The alarm system is one of the best advantages of commercial door locks. If some unknown individual tries to enter the building without a passcode or swipe card, he won’t be able to enter. If any suspicious individual tries to break the system, it will start the alarm.

Your system may not have an alarm system, but it is effortless to install the alarm system for the commercial door locks. The alarm system is so useful because if you have the alarm system installed with the commercial door locks, no one will dare to break the system without a proper swipe card.

You can also set the alarm for a specific individual if you want to. If you want to give access to a particular person or visitors, you can set the alarm for him.


There is no doubt that commercial door locks are beneficial. Yes, not everyone can afford the system. But nowadays, commercial door locks are a very demanding system because of its easy excess. You don’t even need a physical key to unlock the door.

There is no need to hire an extra security guard just to open and close the door. Not only is this system easy to use, but also this system is very secure. In this article, I have already discussed the advantages of commercial door locks. I hope the above information will be beneficial when you consider installing commercial door locks for your office or home.