Our ultimate travel companion, our smartphones! Capturing memories as we live them, helping us navigate, booking our stays, etc. Using a smartphone at its fullest potential means using the best phone accessories that complement your smartphone. These accessories benefit you differently. Once you use these accessories, they will become essential for you, and without them, there would be no fun traveling.

7 Unavoidable Best Phone Accessories for Travel

Accessories to not Avoid While Travelling

We use our phones almost half the time while traveling, this makes it essential to gear yourself with the best phone accessories. We have here showcased 7 travel phone accessories that can improve your way of traveling and buying wholesale phone accessories can get you the best deals. so note it down and do not forget to pack these essentials for your next adventure:

1. Popsockets

One of the travel essentials, that you can attach it to your smartphone and carry it with ease. Its sole purpose is to carry your phone with one hand and its other purpose is that it can be converted into a media stand. It allows you to multitask very easily and gives a stronger grip on your phone. It also allows you to take selfies easily and we all know taking selfies while traveling is a must! If you want to save money on this product, we suggest purchasing wholesale popsockets.

2. Wireless Earbuds

This could be an expensive buy depending on which product you use. Although a very effective purchase. One of the best phone accessories you could purchase. Its use is underrated. Wireless earbuds can be very helpful, just connect it with your smartphone and have no wire tangle issue, roam freely, enjoy music, or even take calls. There is no need to hold your phone in your hand, you can keep it safe in your bag and still be able to use the wireless earbuds. Android phones provide a wide range of options for good wireless earbuds. For iOS, Apple AirPods are the best option.

3. Power Banks

One of the most essential phone accessories you could carry with you while traveling. If your phone has a problem and the battery drains, carrying a power bank is necessary. It can help you keep your battery charged and alive. Without your smartphone, you can feel lost and if you are traveling alone, this accessory becomes even more important. Whenever you purchase a power bank, you must check for its battery power. It will be denoted in “mah”. Depending on your phone or tablet, you must purchase a power bank.

4. Selfie Sticks

Another one on our best phone accessories list is the Selfie sticks. They have lost their importance but if you are a traveler who likes to take a lot of photos while traveling, save you every memory then an easier way to do it is to carry a selfie stick with you. It gives a unique experience of clicking photos and taking videos. Taking a selfie becomes much easier and gives you the option to take photos and videos from different angles. Selfie sticks have been evolved throughout the years and the latest models allow versatile features.

5. Bluetooth Speakers

A Bluetooth speaker is a good accessory to have while traveling in groups. Bluetooth speakers make you forget about any wire and lets you enjoy and gives you a hands-free experience. It can create a great outdoor experience and when you do not have WIFI. you can still create a fun environment with your friends. You can get yourself waterproof Bluetooth speakers as well so there will be no worry of dropping them in the water. Choose a speaker with good battery life if you generally go for a long trip.

6. Battery Phone Case

Using your phone too much while traveling can tend to drain its battery pretty quickly and in case you haven’t been anywhere with a plug point then it is impossible for you to use your phone throughout the trip. In this case, carrying a battery phone case could prove to be crucial. It fulfills the dual purpose of protecting your phone as well as charge your phone at the same time. This phone case is just like any other but they are heavier and are not more effective than a power bank. Although this is definitely on the list of every best phone accessories.

7. Car Mount Phone Holder

A very underrated phone accessory. It is much cheaper compared to other phone accessories but it can prove to be very helpful while you are driving your way to the destination. Texting and driving are against the rules and it can cause accidents very easily. You wouldn’t want that, especially when you are on your way to having some fun. Therefore a car mount phone holder allows you to place your phone at a level that is comfortable for you to use easily. Then you can take a look at the map or look at any important notifications without taking your eyes off the road.

Choose Your Best Phone Accessories

Whether it’s a one-day trip or a week’s long holiday, carrying the best phone accessories could prove to be helpful. It will make your holidays much easier, smooth transitioning, and improve your overall way of traveling. Your smartphone is already a must-have, but it helps you in a much bigger way when you carry these essential accessories. 

These accessories make it easier for you to watch movies without holding your phone, take selfies with just one hand without worrying about dropping your phone. You can charge your phone without worrying about finding a plug point, and many more such tasks that are made easier with these phone accessories.

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