Email is one of the best ways to send messages, and a wide range of people use it for sending business-related messages. Just like everyone, I also like to use email to send messages mostly that are related to my business. And for the past few years, I spend more and more to help keep it operating safely. But I was always concerned about the privacy of my emails.

Even with Gmail, I was not satisfied with the thought that my emails are ‘really’ protected. The professional version of this costs a lot, and also the free version is really a joke. Gmail is your most powerful email supplier for safeguarding your private communication via Mail, well that’s what I used to think and believe.

It is not surprising that Google is the protagonist of the technology world for privacy. Not only do they accumulate information from your Gmail emails, but they also allow other organizations to examine your emails! You would say it’s absolutely free, which means you pay with your personal data. Imagine if someone wants to pay with money rather than your privacy?

They can not. Since Google still gathers information about you if you use their GSuite or if you cover their solutions. Your personal information should be worth more than any amount of money in this world.

Nobody would like to give away information about their personality, personal choices, and personal life. It is sad to say that most of the mainstream email providers do use your personal data for their own profit. Taking A Unique Approach to the Privacy of Email

Words mean nothing after your trust is broken. Even if Google says that they protect your data, they don’t! Now? Whom will you trust with your data? So how can you be confident about a specific service that respects you and will protect your data? provides something different.

The technology used by is completely open-source. Mailcow handles the email entry, configurations, and domain names. Not just the backend, but is totally built in a privacy-friendly way. The origin of started with the mindset of honoring their customers and protecting their data.

You can’t trust any service because of their promise or statement if you are not given the power to control your service. And any single flaw in their privacy policy raises questions and if it raises questions you should not choose that service for you.

Comes With Amazing Apps

When you go to your Panel, you can see all of the listed apps just under the login form. You may notice that there are two web-clients, SOGo and Roundcube! Roundcube webmail installment in Letter does a great job. It’s a contemporary motif with an easy and user-friendly layout.

I really love Roundcube and I use it when I want to use web customers to access from different computers. Though it’s a very modern-looking web client, it lacks a few significant features, like a Calendar and Address book.

That is why providing SOGo webmail. It’s also a modern, well-designed net client and recently I started using it more frequently than every other customer, although my native Mail customer.

With you can rest assured that your data is not being sold or stolen. Now you can sleep well at night after sending all your personal and business emails to anyone. I know you may be a little doubtful about the statements. You’ll think that, are they really protecting your personal and valuable business data? And I won’t blame you, in today’s world where a popular brand can lie easily as we breathe, it is hard to trust anyone. So, I’d say, go give it a try yourself!