OptimizeFunds Review – A Powerful Tool for Investing in Commodities and Futures

| Updated on May 8, 2024

One of the lessons the 2020 pandemic taught us was the value of commodities like oil as investments. The investors that anticipated the market movement and the recovery of oil made significant profits off of a few properly-placed trades. Now, certain food commodities are experiencing wild price fluctuations, which is a great opportunity for futures traders. Trading futures is a bit more complex than trading assets like stocks or even cryptocurrencies, thanks to the wider range of factors that can impact their value. However, a broker like OptimizeFunds can make the process significantly easier and give you all the requisite tools and wealth of information needed to make the right trades.

Major Strengths of OptimizeFunds

There are plenty of reasons to choose OptimizeFunds over its competitors, and some of the reasons stand out from the rest.

Comprehensive and Thorough Research

That’s the primary strength of OptimizeFunds, and it’s one of the areas nas it outshines the competition, especially when you are trading futures. And it’s not just the wealth of information that makes it a promising broker, but how it’s curated. And Even though it’s conducted by and accumulated from a wide range of seasoned analysts, it’s not overly complicated and gives you the relevant information in a succinct manner.

Low Commissions

If you break through the monthly trade threshold, your commission per trade would be significantly lower. But even the default commission is highly competitive and slightly lower than the industry average. And even a slight discount of a few cents per trade can accumulate to major savings in a year, an amount you would have lost to a less generous broker than OptimizeFunds.


Advanced Trading Tools

No matter how complex your trading strategy is and how many different parameters you want to apply to identify the perfect time to get into a commodity, OptimizeFunds can accommodate. Its advanced trading tools, the wealth of metrics and strategies it can cater to, and the customizable interface make it ideal for traders that make more decisions based on numbers and trends than on news and research. This perfectly complements its research-related strength, making it ideal for an even wider range of potential traders.

A Wide Range of Futures Contracts

It’s a strength that’s common in most high-end futures brokers, but OptimizeFunds takes it a notch higher. The range of commodities and futures it allows you to trade puts it in the top tier of futures brokers. You can create a complex portfolio, hedging volatile commodities with more predictable ones.

A Demo Account

The demo account is equally useful for traders new to futures and commodities as well as seasoned traders that wish to check out the broker before properly committing to it. The demo account gives you access to all the tools and most of the research you will need to execute trades and contracts in the real-world environment without staking your actual capital. 

Limitations of OptimizeFunds

It’s important to understand that no trading platform or an online broker is perfect, and it’s all about a good fit. Despite certain limitations, OptimizeFunds is an ideal fit for most commodities investors. But it’s still a good idea to know what they are so you can make an informed choice.

• The default interface can be quite overwhelming to new investors. It offers a lot of information, all at once, which makes it ideal for seasoned investors, though not for new ones. However, this is easily rectifiable, thanks to the modification options that come with the interface.

• The sliding scale commission is not ideal for investors that execute a limited number of trades, but the threshold is quite generous, especially if you consider the competition. Besides, even the full commission OptimizeFunds charges are highly competitive.

• An account minimum requirement might prevent certain traders from joining the platform, but it’s significantly lower than what’s normal for futures brokers, and you have to consider the major benefit the OptimizeFunds is able to pass on to its users thanks to its account minimum requirement, i.e., lower fees. 

Is OptimizeFunds the Right Fit for You?

OptimizeFunds is the right fit for most futures traders, both new and seasoned. It’s equipped with top-of-the-line tools and gives you access to a great range of commodities that you can trade. Its rich and customizable interface can be configured to match your trading style perfectly, and you can enjoy a seamless experience while trading.

If you are still unsure about whether you should try OptimizeFunds, check out the

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