Explainer videos have become popular in many industries, including e-commerce. These videos provide audiences with helpful information and guides. This is what makes them ideal for lead generation and prospect qualification as well as marketing and promotional campaigns. With the right animated explainer video company on your side, your brand can experience viral recognition.

A Guide to Explainer Videos

Video Creating Software

One of the basic requirements for an explainer video is software. Many of these videos creating software products are available on the internet. Some are free, while others come at a cost. Most video creating software that are designed for the creation of explainer videos already have templates for you to use. 

A Strategically Crafted Script

Another basic requirement for an explainer video is a script. This script should be crafted to blend seamlessly with the graphics that will be displayed and the animation sequence.  Your script should be designed to combine your brand’s message with what your target audience wants to hear.  In other words, it needs to be compelling enough to convince viewers to take action. This means, of course, that some amount of market research will be needed.  Another important aspect of your script is the type of language used. Like most other elements of your explainer video, the language should be appealing to the target audience.  The length of the script determines the length of the video. A great guide for this is the word count of the script. A script with around 85 words, for example, will produce a 30-second video while a script with 160 words will create a 60-second video.

Graphics and Images

Graphics and images that are visually appealing and in line with the brand’s reputation will also be required for the video. A 3D configurator is used to create this visual effect. This effect is very influential and is said to grab the viewer’s attention very effectively. The graphics you decide to use may be simple, realistic, or fantasy-themed, depending on the goals you have in mind.

The Right Voice

Without a doubt, having the right script is important, but the voice that delivers the script is also important. A voice that is monotonous, unappealing, or robotic, the video won’t attract as many viewers as it should. In fact, a poor quality voiceover could turn potential customers off and have a negative impact on your brand. Depending on your goals, you may want a voice that is authoritative, powerful and commanding, relaxing and soothing, or lively and friendly.  Other variables you need to consider include whether you want the voice to be younger or older or male or female.

To reap the ultimate benefits from your animated explainer video content, you should consider putting professionals on the task.  A professional video creating company will have the required expertise and resources to deliver high-quality explainer videos that resonate with your target market or audience.  With an expert team working on your animated explainer video, you will be able to better use the other resources in your organization as you have one less thing to worry about.  You will also have access to better quality video content (such as 3D explainer video graphics and animations).