Now that we are living in extraordinary times, we need to be more cautious, especially with how we should keep our homes. This pandemic has taken quite a toll on our society that it is no longer easy to live the way we used to. The only thing that will help us survive and live normally as we could is to follow health protocols and adapt to them. The same thing applies to our homes. Here are the things you should remember on how you should keep your home amid the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Organize your stuff with the right storage

Since there will be a lot of addition to your household necessities, it is best to declutter first and organize the stuff in your home. If you are used to the items in your home stored in your usual cabinets and cupboards, you should now invest too in more detailed storage options. This means you can add more compartments in your cupboards and install more storage in empty places. Bathrooms have high risks of transmission. So, you should keep your bathroom this clean at all times. Install over the toilet storage racks to organize your bathroom, so you can place here more bathroom items.

2. Mind the entryway

Health workers cannot stress enough how the threat of catching the virus lies outside and bringing it inside your home. For those who really need to go outside or are essential workers themselves, keep a sanitation area at your entryway. This is an attempt to sanitize before entering the house and lessen the risk of bringing the virus inside the house. Set up a console table that will have trash bins, thermometers, alcohol, or hand sanitizers. If you can, you can also set up a mist disinfection system at the entryway.

3. Have enough sanitation areas

The key to controlling the COVID-19 transmission is to follow health and safety protocols regarding it. The rule of thumb is to always observe proper hygiene, avoid touching your hands and mouth, and avoid close contact with people as much as possible. In your house, you can be stricter in observing the proper protocols by installing sanitation areas. Install corners in your house where everyone can easily disinfect, especially their hands.

4. Follow health protocols especially for visitors

There will be high chances of transmission, especially for visitors. As much as we needed to stay at home at all times, some situations cannot be helped that we need to also go to places. If we are expecting visitors or will visit others, we must be mindful of the health protocols. Before entering, visitors should disinfect at the entryway.

5. Prepare sanitation areas for bags and clothes

Health workers recommend sanitation areas not only for us but also for the bags and clothes that we use. Upon entering our homes, try to avoid having too much contact inside while wearing the clothes you had worn outside. Some recommend stripping their clothes at the entryway, just before entering the common area. Wearing a towel or a robe, head straight to the bathroom and bathe, so you would be clean.

6. Educate members

It is difficult to avoid catching the virus with just you working to avoid it. Members of the family or in your household must also be well-informed by the health protocols that you keep in your household. They must also watch each other out and ensure that everyone follows the right protocols.

7. Do regular cleaning

Since we face a different situation, our lifestyle before would no longer work for us entirely. So, you must do more general cleaning now than ever. When cleaning, you must think to the extent of trying to kill germs and bacteria that you cannot see with your naked eye.

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8. Do not stockpile

We might be more informed today about the pandemic than months before. It might no longer come as a surprise that we must not hoard goods from the supermarket. Let others have the chance, too, to get the items that they need. Apart from this, we might take care of our homes, but that does not mean we should panic and stockpile. We would not want to dispose of rotten goods and worn out items, do we?

9. Do not panic

We might take the right precautionary steps and our stress levels might be on the roof now, but it is important to not act out of paranoia. Always stay calm and objective.

Get the right items

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