Choosing the right degree for yourself is indeed very important. Your decision not only impacts your future career path but may also affect your income and lifestyle. This is why one must be very keen when choosing which degree to opt for. 

If you decide to go down the lane of management degrees, you’ll find a wide range of options for yourself. While choosing from the available options, you must keep in mind the employment rate each degree offers. If you want to choose a management degree with a high employment rate, but aren’t sure which one to go for, do not worry. Here are seven of them that will be an ideal choice for you.

Bachelors In Management Information Systems

Given the significance that technology holds in our world today, the jobs associated with it are some of the most well-paid jobs one can have. These jobs, while highly profitable, are also very demanding. They require more than just theoretical knowledge.

Earning a degree in a related field such as computer science or even information systems can help individuals achieve such jobs. With a bachelor’s in management information systems, individuals can acquire the required skills and knowledge to land a desirable position in the business world of technology. In particular, this degree integrates the knowledge of business and maths with software development and computer programming. These unique sets of skills will allow you to understand coding and technology a whole lot better. Taking it further with an online masters in management and leadership can ensure a more senior role for you in the industry. The ability to solve organizational problems using computer technology will put you in a desirable position to be hired in the industry.

Masters In Business Administration

If you are in the business field, chances are you have had a conversation about moving towards better-paying jobs. And in such discussions, masters of business administration (MBA) is most likely mentioned. It has become a traditional pathway that most business professionals opt for when looking to progress in their field.

The perks of an MBA cover a comprehensive range of subjects in its core courses. These include finance, accounting, information systems, marketing, operations, strategy, and many more. The degree takes about two years in general and can be finished earlier through accelerated options. It is a very flexible program that allows you to work alongside your degree and learn through practical experiences.

Bachelors In Supply Management

Any business that is up and running needs a good source of supplies. These supplies need to be obtained, stored, and then appropriately used to keep the business running seamlessly. Supply management is a process that primarily monitors the supplies of an organization, and is vital to every business. Therefore, the demand for supply managers in every other industry is ample. And if you want to avail of this opportunity, you would need a bachelor’s in supply management.

Opting for this degree would allow you to learn everything you need to know about supply management and more about business and management as well. From an introduction to the field to behavior and organization, there is a lot that this degree will teach you. Taking extra business courses alongside will help you get an even better-paying job.

Bachelors In Health Management

The healthcare industry has come to be one of the biggest industries in the world. The popular belief amongst people is that healthcare is associated with doctors and nurses only. But in reality, it generates an extensive range of jobs for people from different fields. From pharmacists to management professionals, the healthcare industry is almost always open for new employees.

With an undergraduate degree in health management, you can enter the management side of this industry where the business takes place. Such a degree would help you learn all the skills you need to monitor the different medical practices from a management perspective. You will learn about the management of medical facilities and the critical issues that may arise and about health law and regulations and human resources.

Masters In Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Psychology is often associated with nothing more than therapy or counseling. But it is a lot more than just that. The field of industrial-organizational psychology can give the perfect example of how psychology is much more. It is a field that concerns human behavior in different organizations and their workplaces.

To obtain a master’s degree, you do not need to major in psychology as an undergraduate. The degree itself offers all the psychology prerequisites that help you understand the discipline better. From business and management to performance measurement and personnel selection, the degree encompasses a wide range of courses that make its students ready to take on the industry’s job.

Masters In Operations Research

If you are looking for a degree that the perfect combination of math, analytics, and management has a reasonable employment rate, this one’s for you. It allows you to hone your calculus, statistics, and linear algebra skills along with essential management and business courses.

One of the reasons this degree offers a great employment rate is that students’ career path isn’t linear. They can opt to work in several different fields, given the diverse range of information and skills that they learn. Being an operations research analyst, manufacturing, management, or even in the federal government, employment options are plenty.

Bachelors In Finance

This degree will give you in-depth knowledge of financial assets, management, and growth. It will help you understand all the factors that impact an organization’s financial health and evaluate and manage those factors. Students go through risk management, financial management, insurance, corporate finance, accounting, and financial courses.

With such a degree, you can land a highly lucrative job such as a financial advisor or even a financial analyst. Several other options may not be well paid but guarantee you a job, and a respectable one in the industry.


Mentioned above are only some of the management degrees that you can opt for if you want to secure a job easily in the future. There are plenty of other options available if you think none of these suits you well. All you need to do is do proper research before making the final decision and ensure that you have considered all your options.