5 Best Text Spy Apps in 2020

For one reason or another, people find using text spy apps helpful as they assist them in getting to know about the targeted device and all its activities. In case you are looking for some of the best text spy apps that you can use in 2020, here we are going to list down some of the finest spy apps to ease it out for you. Just read the information provided here till the end to find out what you need to know when it comes to choosing the right spy application.

Disclaimer- Before you spy on someone’s text messages or calls, be sure to check the applicable laws in the area as spying is not considered illegal and is a crime in some countries. We DO NOT promote the use of spying apps for any illegal purposes.

Below are the 5 best spy apps that you can use in 2020:

1. Spyic

One of the top applications that can help you in gaining access to the spied device’s text messages is Spyic. This is known as one of the most trusted applications in the world of spying software. You will never find anything better than this tool because it has unlimited features and there are some that you will not find anywhere else.

This app works in stealth-mode that allows you to do all your spying work with safety. There is no need to be worried about being caught because this app makes your privacy as its one of the main priority. Spyic works fine with both iOS as well as Android devices so we can say that there is no need to jailbreak or root the device. These two features are something that no other app offers you and that’s the reason they make the spying process way too hard to execute and time-consuming.

By using Spyic you can easily spy on text message of the targeted device. Apart from allowing you to read text messages of the targeted device, this app allows you to gain access to social media accounts, call logs, contact numbers, names, pictures, videos, browser history, location, and passwords of the spied device. What else one could ask for now? 

Spying on Someone’s Text Messages with Spyic

Step 1. As the initial step just sign up for Spyic and get a one month free subscription plan for your targeted device phone. It can be an iOS or Android. Spyic is a user-friendly app so it works for both devices. 

Step 2. Follow the commands that pop up on the screen setup wizard and it will lead you through the process.

Step 3. a.) In case the spied phone is an iOS then just confirm the iCloud account details of the user. That’s all you need to do.

b.) In case the spied device is an Android then just download and install the Spyic app from the link that is available in the setup wizard. You have the choice to hide the application after it is installed.

Step 4. At the end just tap ‘Start’ and you are ready to spy on text messages! From here you will be taken to the Spyic dashboard. From the Spyic dashboard, you can gain access to the messages of the targeted device.

2. Spyier

This is another famous spy application that helps users to gain access to the text messages without much trouble. By using this app, one can easily read text messages without even touching the spied phone if it is an iOS device. Spyier works in stealth-mode so it is way too easy to do all your spying activities without any fear of being caught.

Spyier offers more than one subscription plan for the sake of user’s convenience. You can pick the one that suits your spying needs in the best way. Their customer support service is really good and active. You can ask your queries at any hour of the day or night.

3. Minspy

This is another text spy monitoring application that is another great contribution to the world of hacking tools. There are many users that use this app and love it because of its dynamic features and ease of utilization. You will not find anything better than this tool when it comes to safety and intacting customer’s privacy. This app is 100% real and works in stealth-mode that makes your spying activities completely safe.

There are numerous subscription plans of Minspy available on the official website of the tool. Go for the one by keeping in mind all the features that plan has for you as well as the price range. Their customer support service is really good and works 24/7 so you can ask your queries anytime.

4. Spyine

This is the second last app in the list of spy text applications that is famous all over the world because of its amazing features. It is a user-friendly application that works fine for both devices whether it is an iOS or an Android device. This app is 100% safe and secure which allows you to do all your spying work without any trouble.

Spyine has out-class features that let you to choose this app without having any second thoughts. In case you are tight at budget then this app is the ultimate choice for you to go for. Anyone can afford it without spending a huge amount on it.

5. Cocospy

This is the last spy application that allows you to read the text messages of the spied phone without gaining access to the device easily. This app was known as a child monitoring tool initially and later it got famous and now is being used all over the world because of its outstanding features.

Cocospy is loved by millions of users because of its ease of utilization and simplicity. Anyone can make Cocospy work according to their spying activities. You can get to know about Cocospy from various online sources like Neatspy. You don’t have to access any technical information to make this app work for you. Go to the official website and have a look at the live demo to get to know about this app in a better way.


All the above-mentioned text spy apps are the best ones suggested by experts as well. These are known as some of the finest apps when it comes to spying on text messages or hacking someone’s account.

All these tools offer a one-month subscription plan as well, so those who want to try these out can go for the official websites and enjoy one month free subscription plan before they choose the paid version. We hope that you will find your spying experience amazing with the help of these apps. Just go for it and let us know if you encounter any problem. 

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