Internet security is no more only about getting rid of the virus, but the scope has increased manyfold. Now, internet security is also about anti-ransomware, anti-spyware, antivirus, password management & protection, VPN, parental control, firewall, and anti-phishing. The authenticity of any internet security provider software is tested on various grounds so that you can get the best security solution provider, at an affordable price point. We have compiled a list of internet security software providers that will help you in making an informed decision. 

Bitdefender Total Security

You can enjoy great deals of freedom while browsing the internet if you have taken internet security from Bitdefender. The product by this internet security company comes loaded with features and is compatible with all kinds of the operating system. 


  • Comes with state-of-the-art antivirus tools that provide protection even from ransomware
  • Comes with features like Wi-Fi security advisor, file shredder, password manager, parental controls, microphone & webcam defense & firewall
  • Can help you block unwanted URLs
  • You can start by trying out the free-30 day trial version of the software

Kaspersky Total Security 

If you are looking for an impressive internet security suite that does not leave much of a digital footprint, then you can depend upon Kaspersky for internet security services. 


  • The software will not trouble the working of the system’s resources 
  • Comes with the feature of minimal battery drain of the laptop 
  • Comes with features like an intelligent firewall, secure web-browsing option, great password manager, etc
  • Comes with tools for file backup 

Norton 360 Deluxe

One big reason to go for Norton 360 Deluxe is that it comes with fully integrated VPN services. This particular feature ensures that you can browse the internet with the utmost freedom, that too at great speed. It also has the added feature of an intelligent firewall, which makes the product even more desirable. 


  • Compatible with all kinds of operating system like Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Provides an excellent parental control option, including GPS tracking of a mobile phone
  • Comes with 50GB of data backup, online. If you want to purchase Norton plans at the best possible price, use the coupon & deals to get the best discount

Avast Ultimate 

This is one company that you can depend upon for a total internet security solution. This software comes loaded with features which makes it quite a desirable option. If you are looking for a Wi-Fi inspector then you should definitely go for this internet security provider. 


  • Comes with a fully integrated VPN bundle
  • Comes with additional features like a secure browser, network protection measures, a good password manager, etc
  • Comes with a great ransomware shield and good antivirus defense 
  • A lot of configuration options 

McAfee Total Protection Multi-Device 

McAfee is a known name in the internet security space and you can definitely trust this brand to provide you protection. The interface of McAfee software is quite simple and easy to use. 


  • The extremely solid antivirus defense system
  • It provides one of the most cost-effective security solutions, more so because it supports multi-device usage at one time
  • It provides a high-quality spam filter 
  • Comes with an integrated VPN service 
  • Comes with performance-boosting tools
  • Some positive features are a password manager and a configurable firewall

Avira Prime 

This is one of the fastest internet security provider software on the list. The reason for such an amazing speed is that it works only on the cloud. The whole process is lightweight which causes no slowdowns.  


  • Comes with a real-time malware protection feature
  • Helps in safe browsing of the shopping websites as it constantly blocks all kinds of phishing websites
  • Comes with a browser tracking blocking feature
  • Helps in finding great online shopping deals
  • Comes with an excellent, secure, and fast integrated VPN

BullGuard Premium Protection 

This is the internet security service provider that is quite popular amongst online gamers. This company used technology like machine learning to anticipate online threats so that these threats are managed right from the start. 


  • Comes with a game booster feature that helps in increasing the frame loading rate, which in turn enhances the playing experience
  • Some of the features of the product are extra parental control, anti-phishing protection, cloud backup, and identity theft protection
  • You can access the free-trial option before making a purchase

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9

If you are looking for an internet security service provider that is compatible with Mac OS then you need to check out the product offering of Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9. This service provider is known for its real-time malware protection feature. 


  • Comes with a ‘Smart Firewall’ feature that helps in adjusting the network-based traffic
  • Comes with a great phishing detection feature
  • Excellent parental feature
  • Excellent file back-up feature

ESET Smart Security Premium

The configurability of this software is something to look out for. Not only that, but this software comes loaded with features. One special feature is file vault protection which protects all kinds of sensitive information present on your PC. 


  • Comes with features like network monitoring, extra network protection, anti-theft feature, webcam protection, etc
  • It also covers the LINUX systems
  • Great password manager feature
  • Comes with a lot of configuration options provides solid antivirus protection  

Panda Dome Complete

The best thing about this internet security provider is that it comes with an intuitive user interface which helps in getting rid of any kind of threat, even before it is made. 


  • Excellent malware scanner
  • Easy and simple user interface 
  • Comes with a rescue kit that helps in taking the backup of data from infected PCs
  • Comes with the friendly password manager
  • Comes with a file encrypter and shredder that permanently deletes any kind of sensitive file